ANNOUNCING: A New Home for Worship Notes!

Volume 18, No. 8 (August 2023)

This month I would just like to introduce you to the new home of Worship Notes! From now on it will be posted on the totally-redone website of Worship Resources International (

When you click on Worship Notes at the top of the site, you will see how the topical index is now built in and can be searched directly.

I’d encourage you to go there and look around: there are 18 years of Worship Notes issues to draw upon!

And while you are there, please check out the wide array of other free resources on the website: articles and messages (by myself and others), resources on global worship, materials in other languages etc.

Everything on the website is there in hopes that it will inform and bless you, and enrich your walk and your ministry.

For He alone is worthy of our worship,

P.S. My new book Let Us Draw Near: Biblical Foundations of Worship is in the final editing stages and should be released this fall. Stay tuned for a discount order code!

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