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  •       Philosophers have measur’d the mountains,Fathom’d the depths of the seas, of states, and kings,Walk’d with a staffe to heav’n, and traced fountains:      But there are two vast, spacious things,The which to measure it doth more behove:Yet few there are that found them; Sinne and Love.       Who would […]
  • In a sense, Calvin’s doctrine of the real presence of Christ is not to bring Christ down, but to bring us up. His doctrine of the real presence is not so much a doctrine of the real presence of Christ in the assembly, but of the real presence of the assembly at the right hand […]
  • There never is a sacrament without an antecedent promise, the sacrament being added as a kind of appendix, with the view of confirming and sealing the promise, and giving a better attestation, or rather, in a manner, confirming it. In this way God provides first for our ignorance and sluggishness, and, secondly, for our infirmity; […]
  • The truth of God is in itself sufficiently stable and certain, and cannot receive a better confirmation from any other quarter than from itself. But as our faith is slender and weak, so if it be not propped up on every side, and supported by all kinds of means, it is forthwith shaken and tossed to […]


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