WORSHIP NOTES finds a new home and a new format!

Well, I have been dragged kicking and screaming into the 21st century through the friendly advice of a brother who suggested migrating my monthly newsletter into this blog format. I thought the suggestion was a good one, so am giving it a try. Please let me know what you think!

This format should be more efficient for me to maintain and update; and it should make it easier for you, my readers, to access present and past issues without having to download; links should also work better, and you will have the opportunity to comment on issues right on this site.

Please click on “About Worship Notes” at the top for background about this endeavor and for information about accessing all the pre-blog, newsletter-format issues (63 in all).

1 thought on “WORSHIP NOTES finds a new home and a new format!”

  1. Thanks for the new article Ron. I am now teaching EthnoArts at Asian Seminary of Christian Ministries in Manila. This is the first time we are running the course and I am using your articles in my lectures with proper citation of course. I find the pdf file and powerpoint presentation helpful in sharing your ideas to my class. Will you still provide that format for this new article? I hope you will still continue providing the content in pdf and powerpoint format.

    Blessing in all your ministry endeavors and to your family as well!

    Ronald Frias

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